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We Get to Know You.

So our Solutions are Spot On.

Welcome home to the Iconic American City. 

We Never left.

Brooklyn Flexible Packaging.

 The Place for Packaging Your Dreams.

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Inland Flexible Packaging is located in the heart of Brooklyn where it has been since 1946. We are a micro crew of knowledgeable, plainspoken professionals. The business was started right after WWII by best friends direct out of military service and is owned and operated by the founder’s sons.


Our business is environmentally progressive and uses the most up to date technology to produce flexible packaging.


Inland values its long-standing relationships with customers, some for over 40 years and is proud of its 60 year partnership with union labor.


All of Inland’s films are BPS free, are US FDA and Canadian compliant

Continuing Family Traditions at Inland


The company's President, Daniel Weicher has over 42 years of experience in manufacturing flexible packaging. He started working for his dad when he graduated SUNY Albany in 1976 with a degree in Rhetoric. His knowledge of machinery, applications and design, combined with intellect and imagination help clients thrive and prosper. Outside work, Dan is a teacher of meditation, Qigong, Chinese medicine, and mentor for personal development.


Inland’s CFO and VP, Joel Einbinder, has a degree in Economics from Colgate University and an MBA in Finance from Boston University. He is an experienced triathlete and marathoner. He knows what it takes for a privately owned manufacturer to manage growth and thrive in an ever evolving business climate.  As this occurs, Inland’s success becomes its customers success as well!


The company has a union workforce and is the oldest shop in the original Teamsters Union in Brooklyn, going back to our Union affiliation since 1957. Inland can - and does - also supply high tech, medical device, institutionally large and diverse to companies to the tune of multiple trailer loads per month and can help small companies grow from fledgling to fantastic.

Does This Sound Like You?

"All I ever really wanted was for someone to listen to me and give me a break. I have this great idea but can’t get it off the ground. All I keep hearing is; It will cost too much money, or it will take too much time, the potential for making mistakes is too great.”


My dilemma that Inland solved for me:
How I could produce my creative small quantities and keep dreaming my way to the top!

Sustainably Minded For Over A Generation

Inland is environmentally progressive and uses the most up-to-date technology to produce flexible packaging.

All of Inland’s films are BPS free, are US FDA and Canadian compliant

Flexo Printing with aqueous inks that are  Federal EPA, NYS and NYC exempt due to total non volatility and void of toxic or hazardous ingredients

100% Solvent Free laminating using the most modern machinery putting no toxic, hazardous or volatiles into the air

Computerized robotic slitting and a program of recycling all waste to a federally registered alternative fuel facility.

Committed to finding alternatives to packaging where desirable that will permit either a degree of bio-degradability or thinner structures to lessen the impact on the environment

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